Company Profile

Company Japos was established in 1990. Over the years it has been developing the enterprise information systems for small and medium-size companies.

In the nineties Japos was successfully operating network information system Proxis.

Our company has also participated in the development and implementation of programme equipment for technical applications.

By the end of the nineties Japos started cooperation with foreign companies and provided them support in their activities on our market.

After 2000 the focal point of our company became the development and implementation of our own information system Japos NG, built on Microsoft database system platform.

In 2005 our company started development of new information system JaposNet.

In 2006 Japos software s.r.o. was established and this company has taken over all activities since January.

We suppose that during 2008 we will establish our first foreign company Japos Slovakia s.r.o. based in Bratislava, Slovakia.

In December 2007 new company place of business in Česká Třebová was finished. It is a modern three-floor building equipped with conference room for 100 people.

In 2008 our company started development of new Framework Japos Omega intended for administrators and developers.

Our future is connected with the information system based on Framework JaposNet.